Extraordinary Item Definition.

In this space we are going to see the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary in order to understand it better.

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Extraordinary items consisted of gains or losses from events that were unusual and infrequent in nature

that were separately classified, presented, and explained further in the notes to the financial statements.


In order to have a better understanding about something, it’s a good option to have different perspectives or angles

about the same thing and this is one of them.

Extraordinary items in accounting are income statement events that are both unusual and infrequent. In other words,

these are transactions that are abnormal and don’t relate to the principle business activities.

They also are not predictable or occur on regular basis. Historically FASB has required companies to report these transactions separately on the income statement.


1) The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is paper thin as the results of athletes winning the gold medal and the runner-up are anything to go by. Ordinary and extraordinary are descriptive terms. It is that little extra that makes all the difference between ordinary and “extraordinary”.

2) The pronunciation extraordinary: is often preferred so as to avoid confusion with “extra ordinary “, , which would be defined as “, more ordinary than usual .

3) the “extraordinary” breaks with the schemes of the “ordinary”.

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